join the rebellion!

By decarbonising our economies we can take power back from warmongers and change course, averting climate breakdown and collapse. Rapid climate action is also action in the name of peace and justice for all. 

We will join with other movements to block oil refineries across the UK 

Until the government comes to the negotiating table, followed by a mass flood of people in London, causing maximum disruption and making the immediate demand politically unavoidable. 

From 9 to 17 April… 10am HYDE PARK. Same time, same place, every day. 

Turn up, get trained, form an affinity group and take to the streets. Whether you’re risking arrest or taking part in outreach days, everyone is called to step up and step out of their comfort zones in April. 

We’re preparing locally!  

Watch our events listings for talks, training and meetings to prepare for rebellion in London and beyond.

Tell your friends, family, colleagues. Everyone is needed. .

Find out more about the rebellion: Next UK Rebellion – Extinction Rebellion UK

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