The government is having so much trouble with our original three demands, so we are adding a new, easier one… as a kind of stepping stone… to help them out: End the fossil fuel economy now: Stop fossil fuel investments.

Most scientists, most world leaders and most of the population agree it is too dangerous to go over 1.5 degrees of warming. But if we continue to extract fossil fuels we will. It’s as simple as that. And that means condemning the young to famine, war and a life of disruption. (And people think our road blocks are disruptive!)

It sounds a big ask because we’ve been tied up in the fossil fuel economy for so long. Everything revolves around it. Just look at the situation in Ukraine: Europe’s dependence on Russian Oil; the Russian grab of Ukraine gas reserves; the mad face-off over oil supplies; and the artificial pricing structure totally unrelated to local markets. Ever think you are being controlled?

So when you think of the precipice we are standing on with global heating…stopping new gas and oil investment is the very least our government can do to protect us- isn’t it? Claire Farrell, one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion said this is the least radical thing we’ve ever asked for. “Even the International Energy Agency is asking for this. They are hardly cutting edge.” She’s right!

We’re getting ready for a new big rebellion from April 9th and we will disrupt until our immediate demand is met. As part of our preparation we are inviting the community of Lewes, Seaford, Newhaven and surrounding areas to join with us to walk, talk and come together on 26 March.

Come along with us. Share your feelings, ideas, worries and hopes. There’s no pressure to join XR (although we hope you will!). Let’s talk.

Find out more about the Walk and Talk event .

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