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XR were out and about again today to remind everyone that the G7 summit in Cornwall is pivotal for our future. What happens at Carbis Bay this weekend (June 12th/13th) will have a direct impact on the outcome of COP 26 later this year. We are calling for an immediate ban on fossil fuel investment; a doubling of climate finance for developing countries and a commitment to a just transition to a sustainable global economy with global justice at its core.




The idea to read Rebecca Solnit’s work came through a recommendation from Caroline Lucas, Brighton’s Green MP

We really enjoyed this book. It’s packed full of thought-provoking stories and ideas. The hope that Rebecca Solnit offers is based on a recognition that the human spirit in adversity often displays great strength and generosity and that in facing up to the massive challenges of climate and ecological breakdown we may well see these qualities come to the fore. 

She also has an important message for us environmental activists, which is: don’t expect either victory or defeat, but realise that the change we want to see will happen slowly and incrementally as a result of all our hard work in all the things we do.

If you like to spend time with a writer who thinks outside the box, challenges assumptions and makes you think about things in a different way, you’ll love Rebecca Solnit’s work. She’s an activist’s activist, knowledgeable, gut-wrenchingly honest and, above all, inspirational. 

Volunteer with Extinction Rebellion

The Rebellion needs you! Extinction Rebellion has grown enormously thanks to your support! We need volunteers nationally, regionally and locally to help organise for when lock-down is over and politicians and big business try to push us back into business as usual. We have to resist – it was ‘normal’ that caused this mess in the first place! Visit the XR UK volunteer website and find the role for you. We welcome everyone and every part of everybody. We are all crew in XR.

Go to http://volunteer.extinctionrebellion.uk/ to find out how you can help save the planet.

Online meeting template for Working groups

Dear All,

After a useful Meeting Facilitation Training Session today, I re-worked an existing XR Meeting Template for our Lewes Working Groups. So, you now have a XR document you can use to record your meetings without having to write up the minutes afterwards! There’s nothing beats making the world a better place! Here’s the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1agQ-BvxxBm1F3gH7Xk-yHhErfhQxZYT8/view?usp=sharing

Love and Rebellion

Mark – Talks and Trainings

ONline Training

Getting trained up at home

Dear Rebels,

It’s difficult for us all to get together for trainings during the lock-down, but don’t despair! Rebels have been working hard to bring you a range of online trainings and you can take part from the comfort of your own home! You’ll find some on our Events Calendar. If you click on the link under XR CENTRAL EVENTS AND TRAININGS you can sign up for the brilliant online DNA workshops, or attend an Introduction to Extinction Rebellion or Rebel Ringers Training. These aren’t the only trainings being offered over the next few weeks. We now have our very own RESET TV where there is a packed programme of trainings, activities, discussions and rebellious things to do during lock-down! RESET TV are keen to get everyone involved, so if you have an idea for an online event you can contact them and get involved … it’s the XR way!

Love and Training