Red Rebels

Red Rebels often attend protest and actions and generate a huge interest with their striking costumes and colours

Locally, we have a group of five of us so far with five costumes. pIf you’re interested in joining us, lease email  The more of us there are, the more dramatic and atmospheric we can be at actions.

The performances are kept simple, mainly very slow moving, focussed, meditative movements carried out in complete silence,  producing  a very powerful effect. Spectators gain a very strong impression of the depth of feeling and non-violence of the climate movement.

The Red Rebel apparitions are modelled on creations of Doug Francisco.. He founded a troupe in the 1990s called The Invisible Circus.  Their signature characters were slow moving, silent and made powerful imagery.  

Doug became involved with Extinction Rebellion and decided to use his idea but in a very different colour, using red costumes with white faces, red cheeks and lips. The red represents  the blood of the species.  Even Doug was amazed by the impact the Red Rebels made last April and October in London and by how much media attention they attracted.

This video gives the basics on how to be a red rebel!