Regen and Wellbeing working group

Our objective is to prefigure and instill a culture of care and connection in order to maintain XR energy and values.

We offer

# Action wellbeing support for Affinity Groups

(suspended locally during Coronavirus lockdown)

  • Pre-action check-in, buddying, anchor, and facilitators in place
  • At action presence and facilitation of meetings
  • Post-action debriefing
  • Preventing activist burn-out through monitoring self and others

# Ongoing regular open 2 hourActive Listening Circles to process emotional overload from activism and/or responses to climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

(suspended locally during lockdown, however see REBEL REGEN RINGING below)

# Offering referral for one to one support (TESN up to 3 pro bono ZOOM and/or telephone sessions) when requested

# Occasional half or whole day workshops on XR relevant themes/concerns

(suspended locally during lockdown but see XRUK ALONE TOGETHER TV providing some of these in shorter Zoom meetings)

  • WTR (Joanna Macey) for planetary grief and cultivation of Active Hope
  • Council of All Beings. Eco constellations
  • Training in NVC, de-escalation procedures, non-corporate anger management
  • Internalised oppression consciousness raising
  • Understanding trauma and building protective resources
  • Carbon Conversations -footprint reduction and associated identity issues
  • Deep Adaptation – 4Rs Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration, Reconciliation
  • Conflict Resolution (XR internal dynamics)

During the lockdown there will be a monthly Zoom meeting for the Regen and Wellbeing working group. Date and Zoom link TBA – please check website Calendar of Events.


The offer is to contact Regen and Wellbeing via our dedicated website based e-mail address:

if you want to avail yourself of an active listener/support person for a 30 minute confidential telephone call at a negotiated time. As the initiative resides entirely with the caller to provide their phone number it swerves cold-calling and possible GDPR issues.

1) The Rebel Regen Ringer(RRR) provides their first name, mobile and/or landline number and suggests 2 or 3 possible call times (date

a.m./p.m./evening) not less than 2 days in advance.

2) The external regen co-ordinator or deputy will check the regen group inbox at least once a day and then will e-mail the RRR request to the volunteers, and whoever replies first with an availability that matches the request will be the regen person (AL) who takes the RRR call.

3) The external regen co-ordinator or deputy will then relay the active listener/support person’s name, telephone number and confirmed time(s) of availability to the RRR.