4 days, 100+ organisations. 100,000 people. standing up for people and the planet 

A massive, ground breaking alliance of more than 100 organisations  and many thousands of individuals is forming for a four day friendly and peaceful protest around Westminster. It’s going to be huge! No glue, no roadblocks, just people. Lots and lots of people!  We’ll demand a citizen led end to the fossil fuel era and be impossible to ignore. 

The climate, ecological and cost of living crises are inextricably linked. The UK Government cannot be trusted to protect us, so we need to work together to create a fair and free future. By joining the dots between the crises and ourselves, we can unite across the UK and demand the change we need.

In 2019 the UN released a stark warning of climate, economic and social breakdown. Around the world school children went on strike and 10,000 people came out on the streets of London. Shortly after, Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency. Imagine what 100,000 people working together could do!

Join in

  • Join XR Lewes mailing list here
  • Tell XR UK you’re going here
  • Follow the Rebellion Broadcast on Telegram here

Please note, we have a travel fund for anyone that needs it. Ask someone from XR Lewes on the day- and keep your ticket! 

Join the WhatsApp group for the day or days you’re going. We can travel together! 

  • Friday April 21– Groups and organisations begin People’s Pickets at Government Department buildings. We’re focussing on DEFRA (our local Dirty Water campaign is going!) and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. Join the Friday group
  • Saturday April 22– A family friendly day for biodiversity, including a massive march 1 to 3pm. Join the  Saturday group
  • Sunday April 23– Talking with people. It’s Marathon Day! Join the Sunday group
  • Monday April 24– More People’s Pickets planning our next steps. Join the Monday group
Pre-Big One get togethers  

Maybe you’re new to protesting or haven’t been involved for a while. These sessions will help us get to know each other and make plans. 
  • Saturday 15 April SEAFORD 10am to 1pm. Drop in and make a banner ort placard. At SEA Climate Hub, Clinton Place, Seaford. Opposite the Scope shop near the station. 
  • Saturday 15 April LEWES, 11am to 1.30pm. A get together followed by a short talk about the Dirty Water campaign and the Big One. At Lewes Climate Hub, Lewes House, BN7 1YB. 
  • Sunday 16 April LEWES 2.30 to 4.30pm. Get together, bring nibbles! At the Linklater Pavillion, Railwaylands Nature Reserve. 

Don’t worry if you can’t make a meet up. You’ll be sure of a great welcome on the day!

Getting other people there

Please share this page with your friends, family and any groups you are involved in. Use email, social media and we will have a stock of leaflets available at the get togethers above. Or you can download the leaflet to print at home.  

We need EVERYONE so let’s tell EVERYONE about The Big One!