join the rebellion!

We’re working, locally and nationally to bring 100,000 people on to the streets of London on 21 April 2023 to demand change. Will you  be there? Sign up here.

Meanwhile, we’re welcoming the XR bus on the last leg of its Change is Now Tour!  

Meet the XR bus tour in seaford! 

The climate crisis and the cost of living crisis have the same cause… Energy companies and lobbyists get rich from destroying our world while the rest of us are forced to pay for it. 


Come along and join the conversation from 11am or join our People’s Assembly at 3pm at the SEA Climate Hub in Clinton Place, near the station. People’s Assemblies are a fantastic way for communities to discuss difficult issues and come together to make change. All are welcome and all voices are heard. All day we’ll be exploring the question ‘How should we respond to the crises we face together?’ 

Democracy starts with us. You are more powerful than you thinK 

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