You can help in the fight against Gatwick Airport Expansion plans even if you only have a few minutes to spare. All you need to do is log into the Planning Inspectorate’s hearing on climate impacts of the expansion on Tuesday 30th April 9.15am onwards (hearing starts at 10am). Just by getting high attendance numbers for this meeting, we will show the Planning Inspectorate that people are concerned about the climate impacts of airport expansion. You don’t have to follow the whole hearing, or any of it if you are busy. You can just have the hearing playing in the background and get on with your day.

Gatwick Airport proposes to increase passenger numbers to 80 million a year. Over the next 6 months,  The Government planning inspectorate are deciding whether to approve the project. The proposed expansion will make Gatwick passenger numbers almost as large as Heathrow’s,  increase carbon emissions by *1 million tonnes a year*, putting the UK Government’s obligation to cut emissions to net zero by 2050 in even greater jeopardy.  XR supporters across the South East are coming together with locals and environmental groups to campaign against the proposals going ahead. Invite your friends and family!

Logon details will be posted for the livestream of the Issue Specific Hearing on Tuesday, 30 April.

Join us in this minimum effort, maximum impact action!

Logon details for the livestream of the Issue Specific Hearing on Tuesday, 30 April, will be posted 

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