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Thank you to everyone who has sent in their creations. Keep it coming! We would love to show anything you’ve created on the Earth, nature, and the climate crisis, or the ‘Inspire’ theme below, with the caption you’d like. (If you prefer to be anonymous please say.) Your childrens’ creations are welcome too, with their name and age as you feel appropriate.

‘Inspire’ We invite you or your children to create a painting, sculpture, collage, poem or short story, of something or someone that has inspired you during this extraordinary time of coronavirus. It doesn’t need to be linked to the Climate and Ecological crises, but may be.

Take a photo of your work or send a copy of your writing and email it to:
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Billboard repurposed for the rebellion – naming no names!

Dinah Lee Morgan


Running Out Of Time  Poster

Humanity’s Choice  A very very long collage!  Video version with sound effects below

oh great stew

Our Time Fucked Ice Arctic diorama
Materials –Plaster of Paris, fimo, realistic water, Book board, book cloth.
Artist statement: ‘Observe, Asses, Consider, Evaluate, Discuss….. Now get off your arse and do something about it!

tom walker

From a series called ‘Iconoplastics’. Top left: Dolphin Knows Bottle. Top centre: Bottle Knows Dolphin Top right: Fishbottle. Above: The Last Supper.

Riga forbes

The lily pad picture is called Winter Trees, Summer Pond and is about changes in natural weather patterns due to climate change. The White Stag Grazing is about the destruction of natural forest sanctuaries through deforestation. Big Small Sun and Waxing Moon Pines are about nature’s simple majesty. For more info please check out:

max brownrigg

Must It Be So?

Mother Our Earth

The Truth Will Out

A Fossil Fuel Fantasy

Love The Earth


Lynda Durrant

Left: In Our Hands Right: Contract With The EarthHave Love For All Beings. These images come from moving, listening and connecting to the body in a process called ’embodied painting’.

Janet O’Riordan

Title: Ask Me
Night garden from a tryptich honouring nature’s seasons.

There is no doubt that for a great many people the experience of the Covid 19 Epidemic and the lockdown has been frightening, intensely distressing, some actually loosing their lives or the lives of those they love, and fraught with difficulties and challenges. Nothing can detract from this. Ones experience depends a lot on ones demographics and circumstances.

I like everyone has had to contend with some of these concerns. Initially I was intensely angry at loosing some of my libertys and also at the Govenments hypocrisy in asking people to isolate if they were ill with the virus, which is a frighting prospect especially if you live alone, in an attempt to “save the NHS” which the conservative government has spent decades underfunding, covertly privatising and generally grinding into the ground. They have also failed to mention that other types of medicine can help in this situation such as Homeopathy,which historically has good reputation for success in treating epidemics and Herbal medicine which can be really helpful in making the immune system strong and more resilient to all infection. Knowing there is some variety and chose in treatment could ease some of the fear and indeed help out the NHS.

I also have many questions regarding the virus. Where did it come from? Did it escape from a lab? Is it a variant of the common cold, I believe it is related? Should it have been killed off by harsh winters but due to the planets general warming has not been allowing it to mutate into something nastier, stronger? Many questions very few answers at the moment.

As time went by and I managed to get over most of the shortages and adjust to some extent to the new protocols I began to notice other changes, positive changes. I stress that what follows is a very personal take on the situation and that I am lucky to live in a small leafy county town of Lewes and I have a garden to escape to and green spacious places to walk relatively safely and this is not true for everyone I know. For myself though I noticed how much cleaner the air had become even in the High Street.

The sky was so blue by day the stars so bright by night. The air sweet to breath. I wonder for every person who has been sick with Covid how many more with respiratory conditions like asthma are feeling loads better than they have in years of having to breath in carcinogenic car fumes, as we all have no choice in doing. The peace and quiet is sublime. There have been times I can hear a pin drop.

For many people, though not all, there is a better work play balance and I see many families playing with their children in the Paddock who probably have never had much quality time with their children before. Most people have shown exemplary behaviour to one another showing kindness and helpfulness such as the Covid support groups that have been set up. I have not seen that kind of generosity for years. Even when we have to the little Covid 2 metre Quadrille around each other it is done with good humour.

Mother Earth is taking a good long sigh of relief. It is remarkable the improvement in the environment in so short a space of time. There were times in sunny April standing under the most enormous cherry blossoms I have ever seen , in the clean crystalline air, in the silence that I thought “this is Paradise” albeit a strange paradoxical paradise.

I wish with all my heart that we had made some of these changes by choice to cherish and protect our beautiful, incredible planet from the worst of Global warming and not because a deadly virus stalked the land. However it does show that we are capable of radical change if we will it. We could make a choice to keep some of these changes, there could still be a little bit of time to save our planet. At the end of the day Covid may kill many thousands of people but our pollution and our reluctance to act now to slow down or even halt self inflicted Climate Change could result in the destruction of us all and the animals, insects ,plants and all the miracle that is planet Earth..
Janet O’Riordan, 1 May 2020

simon Griffiths

Your Planet Needs You – Collage with 1970s original “Battle of the Planets” cartoon and acrylic spray paint on canvas

When I’m with you – There is always hope… Acrylic spray paint on canvas

RIP Blu – In September 2018 the Spix Macaw was officially declared extinct in the wild due to loss of habitat and trapping for the pet trade. The star of the film Rio seemed an ideal totem for XR Lewes in Summer 2019 painted outside the Depot Cinema… Acrylic spray paint on canvas