Actions you can do at home or locally!

Can’t get to London for the Impossible Rebellion which started on 23 August? Well there’s more to rebellion than being annoying in capital cities. Are you a keyboard warrior?- Join the Digital Rebellion. Like sewing or walking?- Support the Coat of Hopes. Want to talk with people in your community? – Help local run crisis talks. There’s something for everyone. And everyone is needed.

Coat of hopes starting bank holiday monday

See this event link to see how to get involved: Be there at the start of the Coat Of Hope’s journey! (

community crisis talks starting tuesday 31 August

We’ll hold the crisis talks the government won’t. Let’s take our table and pink tablecloth and yummy treats out into our communities, and listen to each other and make a vision of how we want our world to be. If you have time to spare on Tuesday. or any time in fact, please email

digital rebellion until friday 3 september

Join this amazing wave of action from your phone or computer. Put pressure on the institutions fuelling this crisis, through social media commenting, emailing and whatever you fancy! Lots of guidance on the Digital Rebellion page on XR UK website

money rebellion actions- watch this space!

We’ll be focussing on Barclays and HSBC who still pour billions into to fossil fuel projects with no sign of stopping

Image for the August 2021 rebellion showing the words Act for the Impossible

Join the August Rebellion!

We’re at a crucial moment in history. Our climate is breaking down and life on Earth is dying: accelerated by our economic system and supported by our politicians. We need urgent change and we need it yesterday. We need to step up. Let’s make the impossible happen. For two weeks from 23 August 2021, we will take non violent direct action, both locally and in London. We’ll join together with other groups and movements to bring about change. Planning is underway, keep up to date with events, rebel training and more on this website and through our regular emails. 


If our leaders find holding emergency talks so impossible, we’ll bring people together and do it ourselves. We’re planning activities locally and in London. Can you join in?  


By focussing on the City, the Rebellion will target the root cause of the crisis. We’ll occupy and disrupt the institutions causing the most harm. You can take part as an arrestee or in a support role.