A Procession for the planet

Saturday 29th August
A funeral march that transforms. A Jazz band. Black-clad mourners,
marching in sombre mood, to mark the death and destruction wrought by
humans on our natural world. And then it changes (you’ll have to wait and see….) to celebrate joyously the beauty and power of nature.
This will be an inspiring action with a big presence in the
town, that will remind people about resisting climate change and hopefully get them interested in joining the actions in London.

We’ll keep safe – masks (black) and 2 metres apart

Turn up on the day
Come at 11.00 to Westgate Street on Saturday 29th August
Setting off at 11.30. Formal funeral attire is requested. With an umbrella or a parasol. But you can also just come as you are. Bring placards.

The Route
The marchers will gather in Westgate Street at 11.00. We will set off at 11.30, two abreast, all distanced at 2 metres and wearing masks. We will head down the High Street past the War Memorial, and down School Hill towards Cliffe precinct.

At the entrance to the precinct will be a Marshall, who will ensure everyone is still marching only two abreast, and safely distanced. If it is particularly crowded on that Saturday, they may even ask us to process in single file. However, if we are able to proceed two abreast, we will keep to the centre of the precinct, and leave the red pavement to the shoppers. Over Cliffe Bridge and down Cliffe High Street, then turning left into Malling Street.

At Phoenix Causeway, we will turn back into the town. Over Phoenix Bridge, left at Eastgate Street, and once more through the precinct. This time we turn down Railway Lane and head on to the Linklater Pavilion, our final destination.

There will be a short socially distanced closing event at the Linklater, more details nearer the time.

Preparing so you can join the leading group
We have been busy painting umbrellas to look like giant flowers (for regrowth). To paint your own umbrella at home we recommend acrylic art paint mixed with Chromacryl textile medium, ironed afterwards to fix. For more information contact Creatives@xrlewes.org.

Marshalls and outreach
We also need marshalls for the traffic, and people to talk to the public
about XR as we go. Let us know if you can help.

See you there!

vigil for the earth

Sunday 29th August
As part of Extinction Rebellion’s Faith Vigil for the Earth, we invite you to join us for a prayer and meditation walk in Lewes. People of all faiths and none, come together to silently focus their will and energy towards healing for our planet.

The end of the walk will mark the beginning of a week long vigil. Keeping watch together with those maintaining a continuous prayer and meditation presence in Parliament Square, London, as well as those taking part through a zoom vigil space.

Meet 2pm at St Thomas A Becket Church, Cliffe High St, Lewes
You will need to wear a face mask and we will be observing 2m distancing.
There will be 3 stops in which a few words will be spoken and a simple service at the end.

You are invited to dress in a single colour of your choice and make yourself a sandwich board style sign to wear. (A piece of cardboard front and back with string over the shoulders, one side saying your own message or prayer intention the other saying “we want to live”).

For further information contact: lewes_earth_vigil@protonmail.com

August Bank Holiday and beyond

Friday 28th August Cycle Swarm

Bike swarm in Brighton, have fun on the streets. Meet at the Level, Brighton at 6pm.
OR ride there together, meet 5pm at the bus stop opposite Lewes prison.
Contact: CycleSwarm@xrlewes.org

Saturday 29th August – Procession for the Planet

A funeral march with New Orleans style Jazz band. Meet 11am Westgate Street Lewes. Formal funeral attire or come as you are. Bring umbrellas and placards.
We will observe 2m social distancing, please wear a mask.

Sunday 30th August – Vigil for the Earth

People of all faiths and none, a silent walk to focus on healing for our planet. Dress in a single colour of your choice and make yourself a sign to wear. Meet 2pm at St Thomas A Becket Church, Cliffe High St, Lewes. We will observe 2m social distancing, please wear a mask. Contact: lewes_earth_vigil@protonmail.com

Tues 1 Sept onwards – London rebellion

We want to live! The Rebellion returns to Parliament on 1 September amidst warnings of a 4°C world. The first day is carnival themed, family friendly with a short march to Parliament Square, and all agreed with the police. Be there on day one!

Talks, trainings and more

Be informed, stay safe and connect with other rebels, get ready for London action. See what’s on the events calendar here:

Join our LEWES Cycle SWARM on Sat July 11

Join us on a socially distanced cycle procession through Lewes on Saturday 11 July to help bring pressure on East Sussex County Council to act to encourage cycling in the town and beyond. We want them to take advantage of the current government offer of funding available to councils who present ambitious plans to enhance walking and cycling as alternatives to car use.

We are meeting at 11am outside the East Sussex County Council offices. We will then ride together down through the town to the Linklater Pavilion. From there we will split into two groups one of which will follow the easier Green Route whilst the other follows the Red Route as depicted in the maps below.

GREEN route

Easier route

Red route

Harder route

Contact cycleswarm@xrlewes.org if you would like to find out more.

Barclays Action AGM 2020

Let’s tell Barclays and their shareholders that fossil fuel is dead!

Carbon emissions must start declining steeply now if we are to stand a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate breakdown. Yet Barclays has invested £70 billion in fossil fuels and carbon intensive companies since the Paris Accord was signed in 2015 – and they show no signs of stopping. Just to add to the madness, it makes no sense financially. Oil prices are volatile and no longer a safe investment for shareholders.

This action will start now, culminating with a swarm of Barclays’ social media on Thursday 7th May, 11am, the day of the AGM.


This action will be aimed at shareholders, big business investors and Barclays, as these are the people who will either be voting at the AGM or will know people who are.

Barclays have said they will go net zero by 2050, but given no commitment to stop fossil fuel investment. In January, an influential group of Barclays Shareholders, represented by ShareAction, tabled a motion to phase out all fossil fuel investments. This will be on the table at the AGM on Thursday 7th May. Let’s strengthen their voice and tell other shareholders to follow them!

So what can i do ?

Help raise a social media storm! At 11am on Thursday 7th May, comment, post and share, then comment and share again!

Tweet Barclays at https://twitter.com/Barclays or https://twitter.com/barclaysukhelp

Message them on Facebook or LinkedIn – https://www.facebook.com/BarclaysUK https://www.linkedin.com/company/barclays-uk/

Suggested hashtags: #dontbankonbarclays, #nomoneyinoil, #fossilfuelisdead

You can also email the company secretary – companysecretary@barclays.com

Suggested text – feel free to amend as you like, or of course you can write your own message!

I was pleased to see that Barclays has announced a commitment to go net zero for carbon emissions. However, it’s very troubling that you have given no commitment to phase out investment in fossil fuels. The science is clear – to avoid catastrophic global heating, what we do over the next five years is crucial. Drastic action is needed.

I urge the Barclays board to show leadership on this issue. Tell the world that you’re serious about tackling the climate emergency, and this isn’t just a piece of corporate greenwashing. Give a clear, timebound commitment to phase out fossil fuels.

Killer Facts: Feel free to use these, or source your own facts to highlight the many ways that Barclays are putting our future at risk.

  • 33 global banks (including Barclays) have provided $1.9 trillion to fossil fuel companies since the adoption of the Paris climate accord in 2015.
  • Bank financing for fossil fuels has increased each year since the PCA.
  • Over the past three years those same banks provided financial services worth $600 billion to the 100 companies with the largest investments forecast in new fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure, and power generation.
  • Barclays are 6th worst in the world of banks investing in fossil fuel since the PCA.
  • Barclays are the top European banker of fracking and coal, and lead as the worst European bank for fossil fuel investment.
  • Barclays have invested $85 billion (£70b) in fossil fuels and $24 billion (£20b) into expansion since the PCA in 2015.

Email YOUR Pension Provider

If you have a pension, there’s a good chance your pension savings are invested in Barclays. Make your voice count! Use this link to see whether your pension manager invests in Barclays, and to email them asking them to vote for the ShareAction resolution.

Switch Your bank

Do you currently bank with Barclays? For a bank, customers voting with their feet is the most powerful persuasion of all! Click here to find an ethical alternative. (If you don’t bank with Barclays, use this tool to see how your own bank is doing. Barclays is just the worst of a pretty bad bunch.)

find out more

Extra info and links to interesting articles:   Barclays fossil fuel investment breakdown (The summary below shows the split of the $24 Billion invested in FF exploration and expansion, it does not include the $85 Billion invested in existing fossil fuel involvement)
 Type of Investment Rank (off 33) $ invested since PCA (2015 – 2018)
Tar Sands 7th 2.5 Billion
Arctic Oil & Gas 17th 262 Million
Ultra-Deep Water Oil & Gas 10th 1.6 Billion
Fracked Oil & Gas 6th 13 Billion
Liquefied Natural Gas 15th 1.4 Billion
Coal Mining 18th 231 Million
Coal Power 7th 3.2 Billion

Above data obtained from banktrack.org

Budget Day at Westminster

We had a great day, Dirk gave his Green Budget speech several times, people stopped and talked to us, we were photographed and filmed and interviewed countless times.

Rowan Williams on Budget Day

Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury) came to chat and encourage us while he was visiting the faith group doing the 40 days and 40 nights vigil.

Westminster Protest Group

This is an ongoing daily event, the idea being for XR to have a permanent presence outside Westminster.

Formed by Lewes Rebel Claire Duc this group is active and growing. Please get involved, you don’t need to come every day, or for the whole day, anytime you have free just pop along to Westminster and join the crew, bring banners, placards, flags, signs, dress up, dress down, make it fun and don’t let those MP’s just pass you by……
This is a self organised group which will meet daily at 10:45am beside the Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliment Square before moving to the Parliment building, around Carriage Gate.
If you don’t make the meeting place just head for the Houses of Parliment and you will find the rebels.

If you would like to join the group please use the link here https://t.me/joinchat/OBkL9hVZAAU6U17NyJjVsQ

For further details and questions about this event please contact us at xrlewes@gmail.com

Divest East Sussex Action 24th March

As part of its campaign to compel East Sussex County Council to stop funding climate change, Divest East Sussex is planning an action that will take place in Lewes on Tuesday 24 March.*

This will be a fairly simple action, not requiring any athletic ability, elaborate costumes or equipment. However, there *will* be a possibility of arrest (though on the basis of similar actions that have taken place recently this may be unlikely). All participants will need to have attended a Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) training workshop AND a special briefing about the action itself (see below).

If you’ve already attended an XR NVDA workshop in the past and are interested in taking part in the action on the 24th then please: (a) email divesteastsussex@gmail.com to say you’re interested in taking part in the action on the 24th March; and (b) come to the special briefing at the Linklater Pavilion (Railway Lane, Lewes BN7 2FG), 7.45 – 9pm, Monday 16 March.

If you’re interested in being present at the action on the 24th in a non-arrestable role then please also come to the briefing on 16 March (details above).

* You should budget the whole day, though it is likely that everything will be finished by the early afternoon.

Sex Strike for the climate

From Liberia to the Philippines, sex strikes have helped to win campaigns for peace and justice.

On 16 March Divest East Sussex will be issuing a public call for all people of goodwill to refrain from sex with members of East Sussex County Council (ESCC) until they agree to stop funding climate change.

To celebrate this they will be performing an extract from the ancient Greek play Lysistrata – in which women use a sex strike to end the war between Athens and Sparta – outside County Hall. Join them to be part of the chorus (no acting skills required!): 9 – 10am, Monday 16 March, outside County Hall in Lewes, St Anne’s Crescent, BN7 1NE. Bring a plain single bed sheet with you if you can for costume purposes!

This action is part of a noviolent direct action campaign to compel ESCC to stop funding climate change. Sign the pledge to take part (whether in an arrestable or non-arrestable role) here: https://tinyurl.com/deedsnotwordspledge. For more information on all of the above contact divesteastsussex@gmail.com or 07596 483 272 or visit divesteastsussex.wordpress.com / Twitter: @DivestEast / facebook.com/divesteastsussex