Barclays Action AGM 2020

Let’s tell Barclays and their shareholders that fossil fuel is dead!

Carbon emissions must start declining steeply now if we are to stand a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate breakdown. Yet Barclays has invested £70 billion in fossil fuels and carbon intensive companies since the Paris Accord was signed in 2015 – and they show no signs of stopping. Just to add to the madness, it makes no sense financially. Oil prices are volatile and no longer a safe investment for shareholders.

This action will start now, culminating with a swarm of Barclays’ social media on Thursday 7th May, 11am, the day of the AGM.


This action will be aimed at shareholders, big business investors and Barclays, as these are the people who will either be voting at the AGM or will know people who are.

Barclays have said they will go net zero by 2050, but given no commitment to stop fossil fuel investment. In January, an influential group of Barclays Shareholders, represented by ShareAction, tabled a motion to phase out all fossil fuel investments. This will be on the table at the AGM on Thursday 7th May. Let’s strengthen their voice and tell other shareholders to follow them!

So what can i do ?

Help raise a social media storm! At 11am on Thursday 7th May, comment, post and share, then comment and share again!

Tweet Barclays at or

Message them on Facebook or LinkedIn –

Suggested hashtags: #dontbankonbarclays, #nomoneyinoil, #fossilfuelisdead

You can also email the company secretary –

Suggested text – feel free to amend as you like, or of course you can write your own message!

I was pleased to see that Barclays has announced a commitment to go net zero for carbon emissions. However, it’s very troubling that you have given no commitment to phase out investment in fossil fuels. The science is clear – to avoid catastrophic global heating, what we do over the next five years is crucial. Drastic action is needed.

I urge the Barclays board to show leadership on this issue. Tell the world that you’re serious about tackling the climate emergency, and this isn’t just a piece of corporate greenwashing. Give a clear, timebound commitment to phase out fossil fuels.

Killer Facts: Feel free to use these, or source your own facts to highlight the many ways that Barclays are putting our future at risk.

  • 33 global banks (including Barclays) have provided $1.9 trillion to fossil fuel companies since the adoption of the Paris climate accord in 2015.
  • Bank financing for fossil fuels has increased each year since the PCA.
  • Over the past three years those same banks provided financial services worth $600 billion to the 100 companies with the largest investments forecast in new fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure, and power generation.
  • Barclays are 6th worst in the world of banks investing in fossil fuel since the PCA.
  • Barclays are the top European banker of fracking and coal, and lead as the worst European bank for fossil fuel investment.
  • Barclays have invested $85 billion (£70b) in fossil fuels and $24 billion (£20b) into expansion since the PCA in 2015.

Email YOUR Pension Provider

If you have a pension, there’s a good chance your pension savings are invested in Barclays. Make your voice count! Use this link to see whether your pension manager invests in Barclays, and to email them asking them to vote for the ShareAction resolution.

Switch Your bank

Do you currently bank with Barclays? For a bank, customers voting with their feet is the most powerful persuasion of all! Click here to find an ethical alternative. (If you don’t bank with Barclays, use this tool to see how your own bank is doing. Barclays is just the worst of a pretty bad bunch.)

find out more

Extra info and links to interesting articles:   Barclays fossil fuel investment breakdown (The summary below shows the split of the $24 Billion invested in FF exploration and expansion, it does not include the $85 Billion invested in existing fossil fuel involvement)
 Type of Investment Rank (off 33) $ invested since PCA (2015 – 2018)
Tar Sands 7th 2.5 Billion
Arctic Oil & Gas 17th 262 Million
Ultra-Deep Water Oil & Gas 10th 1.6 Billion
Fracked Oil & Gas 6th 13 Billion
Liquefied Natural Gas 15th 1.4 Billion
Coal Mining 18th 231 Million
Coal Power 7th 3.2 Billion

Above data obtained from

Online meeting template for Working groups

Dear All,

After a useful Meeting Facilitation Training Session today, I re-worked an existing XR Meeting Template for our Lewes Working Groups. So, you now have a XR document you can use to record your meetings without having to write up the minutes afterwards! There’s nothing beats making the world a better place! Here’s the link

Love and Rebellion

Mark – Talks and Trainings

Education/outreach Meeting

Education/Outreach meeting next Thursday, 7th May at 7pm on Zoom (link to follow)

All welcome, new people as well as old, to share ideas and chat.

ONline Training

Getting trained up at home

Dear Rebels,

It’s difficult for us all to get together for trainings during the lock-down, but don’t despair! Rebels have been working hard to bring you a range of online trainings and you can take part from the comfort of your own home! You’ll find some on our Events Calendar. If you click on the link under XR CENTRAL EVENTS AND TRAININGS you can sign up for the brilliant online DNA workshops, or attend an Introduction to Extinction Rebellion or Rebel Ringers Training. These aren’t the only trainings being offered over the next few weeks. We now have our very own RESET TV where there is a packed programme of trainings, activities, discussions and rebellious things to do during lock-down! RESET TV are keen to get everyone involved, so if you have an idea for an online event you can contact them and get involved … it’s the XR way!

Love and Training

Newsletter March 2020

Love and rage in the time of coronavirus

Hi rebels

Firstly, we hope that each and every one of you, and your loved ones, are staying safe and well in these strange and frightening times.

Our first general meeting via Zoom call will be on Monday 30th March (agenda to follow). This follows hard on the heels of the first Zoom coordinators’ meeting, which took place on Monday evening. Suffice to say it was a bit different! It felt very strange not to be able do all the things that mean so much yet we normally take for granted – shaking hands, giving one another a hug, sharing our food. But it was largely successful – the meeting went off without any technical hitches, and there was plenty of constructive discussion. We think we can speak for everyone when we say it just felt great to be able to see our fellow rebels, and to talk to them about everything.

There was much talk about how we felt grateful to be living somewhere that was close to nature and away from the epicentres of the coronavirus crisis; about how we were worried for family and friends, particularly those in the vulnerable category; about the uncertainly of where this crisis is heading and how things will ultimately turn out. From an XR perspective, views ranged from despondency about how we could remain relevant in the current situation, to hopefulness. As one rebel said, if XR and the school strikers and all the other environmental groups in the world joined forces and worked for years, we could never hope to have such an impact on the airline industry as we’ve seen over the past weeks.

There were many questions asked. These included; how do we continue to rebel at a time when we can’t have mass gatherings? How do we continue to recruit when our traditional methods have been curtailed? How do we all keep each other motivated and focussed, able to look beyond the current emergency to the other and far greater crisis that’s looming? We need your help to try and find the answers! So we very much hope to see you on Monday.

There was also a lot of talk about precursors. We’re sure you’ve thought about this as well. If you haven’t read it, George Monbiot is very articulate on this recent Guardian article.

It’s potentially a very powerful argument. As a species, we should be able to stop coronavirus, but we won’t be able to stop the climate and ecological emergency if it moves beyond a certain point. But how do we frame the argument? We must remember that people are dying and will continue to die. That as oil prices plummet and planes stay grounded, many, many people who work in those industries, or are affected by them in some way (which means most of us) are terrified of losing their livelihoods. We must be sure to strike the right tone, and not to draw false equivalencies. In short, the answer has to be – we frame it carefully.

Love and health

Oppression Movement Workshops

Workshop details

Oppression, movement building and our relationships as activists. See EVENTS for dates

An interactive online workshop looking at how movements can be divided when oppression goes unaddressed, offering practical tools to heal these divisions which affect our relationships as activists.

This workshop will address the importance of understanding the structural nature of oppressions (such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism, the oppression of young people, …), as well as doing personal healing work – both of which are necessary if we are to work together effectively in a united movement. Places are limited so it would be helpful if you only register if you know you will be able to attend, and cancel your ticket if you realise that you can’t make it. 

Budget Day at Westminster

We had a great day, Dirk gave his Green Budget speech several times, people stopped and talked to us, we were photographed and filmed and interviewed countless times.

Rowan Williams on Budget Day

Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury) came to chat and encourage us while he was visiting the faith group doing the 40 days and 40 nights vigil.

Westminster Protest Group

This is an ongoing daily event, the idea being for XR to have a permanent presence outside Westminster.

Formed by Lewes Rebel Claire Duc this group is active and growing. Please get involved, you don’t need to come every day, or for the whole day, anytime you have free just pop along to Westminster and join the crew, bring banners, placards, flags, signs, dress up, dress down, make it fun and don’t let those MP’s just pass you by……
This is a self organised group which will meet daily at 10:45am beside the Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliment Square before moving to the Parliment building, around Carriage Gate.
If you don’t make the meeting place just head for the Houses of Parliment and you will find the rebels.

If you would like to join the group please use the link here

For further details and questions about this event please contact us at