Creatives Working Group


  • Hold meetings approx. once a month to share ideas for creative actions and to respond to requests from Central XR and Lewes XR
  • Design props, posters etc for actions initiated by central or Lewes XR
  • Where possible use materials that are both ethically and environmentally sourced
  • Organise workshops open to all to make props, costumes, placards, flags etc
  • Liaise through an external coordinator with other working groups
  • Liaise though an internal coordinator with members of Lewes XR who have shown an interest in the Creatives working group
  • Encourage individual Creative action within the parameters of the XR principles
  • Organise occasional Creative group action …….

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No Going Back

Seaford Rebels on the seafront, Sunday June 14 2020

There’s a new national action starting called ‘There’s No Going Back Sundays’. Around the country Central XR are encouraging people to stand with a handmade placard highlighting the need for change as we come out of the lockdown. It’s suggested we stand 2 metres apart, wear masks and the photos are posted on social media.

On Sunday 17th May several Rebels set out from Lewes either on bicycles or by foot as runners to join up with those on the seafront in Seaford. They gathered on Cliffe Bridge where one of our Creatives had stencilled a bike symbol to highlight the need for more cycle ways.

Meanwhile, the Seaford rebels were either standing silently holding placards or engaging with interested passers by.  The messages were generally welcomed and there was a really good atmosphere along the seafront.

Further along the seafront some mischievous magic was appearing on the grey pillars.  Another of our creative rebels had started drawing a fabulous series of figures. Passers by loved the playful characters and the photos have now been shared widely on Facebook.

The action is every Sunday at 10am and you can join in alone or together. Just make a placard and post the photos:

Lewes Funeral March

To raise awareness of the newly formed XR Lewes group, and publicise a Heading for Extinction talk at the White Hart, we held a funeral procession through Lewes in March 2019.  Members of the creatives group made a coffin carried in solemn procession to Cliffe bridge, and six tombstones representing all life on earth.

Mischief Night

Stencil art and chalk animals from ‘Mischief Night’ event in Lewes 2019, to raise awareness and gather new rebels. The stencil murals of the Spix Macaw and the Girl with Telescope are popular in the town.

Block printing workshop

XR Lewes preparing for action by block printing flags, patches and clothing. Space for the workshop evening was kindly provided by our friends at the Linklater.

Mad Hatters Sea Party, Seaford

Scenes from a blustery day, raising awareness about sea level rise. Seaford rebels held a tea party complete with The White Rabbit and Mad March Hare, drinking tea as the sea rose… XR Seaford had a lot of fun making the props and costumes for this event.

Barclays divestment protest

A protest at Barclays heavy investment in the fossil fuel industry. Placards, road blocking banners, and flags to highlight the demands. XR Lewes theatre group ‘Crude Mechanicals’ made a performance piece to go with this action.

Love Letters to the Earth

The Love Letters to the Earth banner and engagement at the stall on Clife bridge for Valentines day had to be cancelled 3 times due to Februarys record breaking rain and storms. XR Seaford managed to brave the conditions with their stall, and hopefully these can be deployed again as the weather improves!

Posters for the Earth, collages by Max Brownrigg adorn the XR Lewes stall.

Enough is enough

Armbands and withy and paper hearts made for the Enough is Enough London protest in February 2020.

Malling Sea Level 2019

Malling Rec Beach Party, with information on what seal level rise will mean for Lewes and surroundings. The tide rolled in across the field in a great wave of blue tarpaulins!  The Rebelometer is by Max Brownrigg. We ran a block printing workshop for rebels to decorate their clothes in preparation for the October rebellion, and badge making.