Declaration of Rebellion

There is no time to lose! The scientific community is telling us we have only a few years to reduce fossil fuel emissions before we are locked into irreversible global warming. If this happens everything we love will be lost, our communities, our health, our safety and security and our children’s future. Harvests will fail, further pathogens will be released as the planet’s eco-systems collapse, we will suffer climate catastrophe and nations will go to war with each other over diminishing resources. Our leaders have failed. They only listen to power and not to truth. We have to take responsibility because nobody else will. Join us and be the change that has to happen!
Only if we assert our right to mass peaceful protest will those in power stop and listen. We are many – they are few. It is time for us to stand together and to say ‘NO! We are not going to let you destroy human civilisation through greed. We have another plan. We are going to work together to find a way to live in peace and in harmony with the planet!’
It is either now or never. We can’t put it off for another generation to deal with. The buck has stopped here. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. We have to act now. If we don’t, we will have failed ourselves, our children and our humanity.
Join Extinction Rebellion as we rebel against the climate emergency and ecological breakdown.
Read the ‘Handbook for Life’ and tell everyone you know that you are going to join the rebellion.
Tell them they have to do the same!
Join is in London from the 1st September.
Local actions start in Lewes and Brighton on 28th August.

Read more on our website and sign up to Lewes Extinction Rebellion.

Click here for your copy of the Handbook for Life