Is this for me?

XR is for anyone concerned about the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. You don’t need to be a seasoned activist (although we welcome those too); people in our group come from all walks of life: doctors, teachers, business owners, trades people, office workers, graphic designers, parents, students, retirees… We welcome everyone, and every part of everyone, meaning that we make every effort to be inclusive and don’t judge anyone for actions they are or aren’t taking in their own personal lives.

We are strictly non-violent in both our communication and actions, and you can choose how much and what you get involved with, whether that’s blocking roads or block printing t-shirts.

How much time do I have to commit?

You can decide which meetings, groups and actions you get involved in, depending on what suits you. We have a group dedicated to regenerative culture to help people be resilient and avoid burn out.

Are events family friendly?

Most of our local events are family friendly, and our youngest rebel is just a few months old. Wherever possible, events are dry (alcohol and drugs free). If you’re unsure about a particular event, please get in touch.

Will I get arrested?

We have a strict policy of non-violence so most of the local actions we undertake have a very low risk of being arrested. In other cases, there are usually some people who are willing to be arrested, and others who are not, and people can act accordingly, although of course this is not an absolute guarantee. Extinction Rebellion offers legal training and resources. If you are planning to go to the London Rebellion please read these carefully to make sure you are aware of your rights and possible consequences of arrest before you go. XR Brighton is setting up a group for local arrestee support.