Rights and Rebellion Support Working Group

R & R

We are all involved in civil disobedience and rebellion because we think it is necessary for the world we want to create. Civil disobedience leads to arrests but for many involved in XR, being arrested may not be possible or desirable.  Any support you are able to give to XR is very useful. Arrest Welfare allows everyone to play a part in the movement in the many ways outlined below.

There are several roles that can be played away from the site of an action or Rebellion sites, and are valuable to Arrest Welfare. These roles take you through the Arrestee Lifecycle. You can for example, provide pre-action support by helping us train rebels.

During an action, the Police Station Support role has no risk of arrest and is a great way to take part for those who can’t or don’t want to be on site. There are provisions to join back offices remotely. 

Additionally, there are several Post Arrest Roles that can be filled remotely. Rebels from previous Rebellions are being supported by Post Arrest Liaisons (PALs) from the point of arrest through to their court appearances and may need guidance and assistance with the logistics of preparing for this.

The emotional, practical and legal preparation undertaken by a rebel contemplating involvement in an action require support at every stage and ensures that the infrastructure that has been put in place is effective, robust and connected with the aims of XR.

What we do:

  • Basic in advance legal preparation for both arrestables and non-arrestables
  • At action welfare support practicalities including back office support
  • Arrestee support at and/or outside police stations. This volunteer attends police stations following arrests in order to greet arrestees on their release. Arrestees can be kept for up to 24 hours, so a rota that covers stations day and night is organised.
  • Arrestee welfare/defendant support for people charged, arranging legal advice and court appearance welfare: a role which offers practical and emotional support via phone-calls to arrestees during the court process. Post Arrest Liaison rebels do not offer legal advice, but can point their arrestees to resources and additional sources of support.
  • Gathering evidence from XR witnesses of police misbehaviour at actions or from media reports and possible misrepresentations e.g Prevent
  • Referring to TESN (trained emotional support network) according to arrestee need
  • Liaise with South East Area group

In order to build a sustainable and resilient framework to support our arrestees, there are several roles that we would love volunteers for – particularly we need an INTERNAL COORDINATOR.

Though it might be useful, no legal experience is required.  More information can be found here

This is a key Rebellion support group (especially during actions!). It requires coordination, planning and organisation now to be effective and prepared for when needed. If you would like to help or want more information please contact:    legalandwelfare@xrlewes.org