Running an XR meeting

  • Ensure you have contact details of all those who have agreed to run the next General Meeting
  • Meet or skype to agree the agenda based on the decisions made at the previous meeting. Check with  to ensure there are no other urgent items that have come up meanwhile.
  • Write an agenda and wording for an email to be sent out to all Lewes Rebels via  and promotion for Eventbrite. 
  • Agenda to include Welcome and introduction, any update needed, main part of the meeting, AOB, ideas for the next meeting and volunteers to run the General Meeting in a month and the New Members’ introduction in a fortnight.  Remind people that the meeting for new members will take place alongside the coordinating group and any other groups who would like to meet in the Linklater. Offer assistance to anyone with access needs. Remind the group that there is a lift.
  • Ensure someone has volunteered to collect the keys. Ring the Linklater to arrange this during the preceding week (Helen or Ruth on 01273 477101).
  • Ensure there is a note taker and facilitators for discussions for the meeting.
  • Clear the rooms and lock up at the end of the meeting, making sure the key is either put in the drawer by the door or alternative arrangements are made.
  •  Note-taker to send the notes out to all the membership  via 

Running an XR Meeting ONline

If you are running an XR Meeting online. Here is a Meeting Template that you can use to facilitate and minute the meeting

Download it turn it into a Google doc, for an instantly accessible record of your Working Group’s meetings!