Talks and Training Working Group


  • Give Heading for Extinction talks for people interested in finding out more about the climate and ecological crisis, and what to do about it.
  • Deliver training on Non-Violent Direct Action for people preparing to take part in actions
  • Train rebels so they can deliver Heading for Extinction talks and Non-Violent Direct Action training
  • Organise training requested by Lewes rebels on a range of other topics e.g. facilitating meetings, mass mobilisation, affinity groups, de-escalation, know your legal rights,. Further details of XR training are available here.
  • The talks and training group is a network of rebels trained to deliver Heading for Extinction talks and Non-Violent Direct Action training. It does not hold regular meetings. The internal coordinator responds to requests for talks and training and liaises with rebels in the group, and can be contacted by email: The external coordinator liaises regional and national XR training forums.
  • If you are interested in becoming an XR trainer, you should contact the internal coordinator at the above e-mail address.
Lewes Rebels after training

How to access training during the current lockdown

XR nationally has organised a Rebel Academy, which can be found via this weblink

Lewes XR are also planning to deliver Heading for Extinction talks and Non Violent Direct Action training online. We will post details on our events page:

This talk introduces the reality of the climate & ecological crisis, and the rationale and ethos behind the Extinction Rebellion movement. If you would like us to give this talk, please contact We will provide speakers and ask you to organise the venue and publicity. We can give the talk at a meeting in a hall or more informally to a group of friends in one of their homes.

Extinction Rebellion is a peaceful movement addressing the climate crisis through non-violent direct action (NVDA). In this NVDA training you will find out how to take part in Extinction Rebellion actions. The training will cover the practice of non-violent techniques. It will provide the opportunity to discuss different roles you can play in supporting actions.  It will show you how to de-escalate tense situations, how to interact with the police, how to avoid arrest, what to do if you get arrested, and much more.