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Here are a couple of powerful poems from Lewes XR member James Meek which look at the climate and environmental emergency in the context of Covid-19.


We now have time to stand and stare
And contemplate how much we care,
How much we care about this Earth
Which nested us and gave us birth;
This lone inhabitable world
In which our rich lives are en-curled.
We still have time to, if we please,
Restrict this world to 2 degrees
Of warming, as the warnings say,
But this we have to do today.
For Covid 19 stalls our lives
And plays roulette with whom survives.
A lesson, ‘less we fail to care;
We have no time to stand and stare.
©JamesPMeek April 2020


Two thousand years ago or so
A good man – God man, some claim –
Told Mankind hard truths about its nature;
How greed and power unchecked can, like a virus,
Deftly, swiftly, rot the very fabric of society
And warp the weft of human interaction.
He bore a crown of thorns in suffering for the world –
A symbol of our sins transfigured on his brow.
In these two thousand years or so
Man’s nature stole his words, corrupted them,
And used them as a slave of power and greed,
Creating this society of waste and want.
But now a virus deftly, swiftly slips along
The warp and weft of human interaction.
We fear our virus crowns and suffer round the world –
A symbol of our sins transfigured here and now.
©JamesPMeek , March 2020

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