Westminster Rebellion

WE ARE BACK!!! – We were but suspended again now until 3rd December – possibly!

This was designed as an ongoing daily event between 11am and 3pm at least when Parliament is sitting. The idea is for XR to have a permanent presence outside Westminster with banners, signage and leaflets to show the government that we are still here, asking for our three demands to be acknowledged and met. We speak to MPs, their staff and the general public to explain our demands, to ask for their support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill and to answer their questions. We dress up, dress down, wear costumes or not and intend to have themed days from time to time.

From small beginnings in January 2020 a group started to form with at least one person, often more, attending most days until lockdown. We meet up outside Carriage Gate where many MPs walk or drive in to the Palace of Westminster. When Lent started, we worked alongside the awesome XR all faith group, supporting each other when we could. This wonderful group have signed up to be there again on Fridays until the end of November, it will be great to see them again.

We are hoping that different XR groups in and around London will sign up, some maybe even ‘owning’ a set weekday. XR Godalming had a very successful day when we started back and HS2 rebels will be there on the 1st October for National Tree Day.

The biggest highlight so far was Budget Day, the 11th March. Rebels from Lewes, Enfield, Islington, Seaford and Sussex Uni among others joined. Rebels held placards and banners designed to look like the red budget case the Chancellor carries and a money tree.
Dirk, suitably dressed as the Chancellor of the XRchequer repeatedly gave his Green Budget speech while Speaker Mary resplendent in a red robe kept order. Jane supplied placards designed like the Chancellor’s famous red case. Many interviews, films and photos later we found we had even made it into the Guardian with a picture of Mary as well as a mention!

Sadly, Covid19 made many of us re-think even before the lockdown and that of course brought the action to a temporary halt. We started up again in September 2019 and once again came to a halt in November but we WILL be back as soon as we can and with renewed energy and more groups involved.

For further details and questions about this ongoing action please contact us at   Westminster@xrlewes.org

Or look at our website and sign up there for a day