XR Strategy for 2020

Here is a 3 minute video on the new XR strategy

‘Power Together’ – XR’s strategy for 2020

In 2020, Extinction Rebellion UK will:

  • Act as part of a wider movement for change
  • Engage rebels to deliver a diverse and decentralised ongoing rebellion.
  • Use NVDA for change, prioritising wellbeing, peace and justice

Four key goals:

  1. People Power

Million people into activesupport.

  • Collaborate with diverse groups, use more varied approaches to mass mobilisation
  •  Support mobilisation in local communities to stop harmful practices
  •  Support the work of young people
  • Move people’s hearts and minds through the stories we tell.
  • Vision

Enact our demands, piloting new participatory systems in democracy, media and economics.

  • Lead the conversation about the underlying causes of the crisis
  • Create our own multimedia platform
  • Push for leadership on solutions, including a Global Citizens’ Assembly
  • A Movement of Movements

Build stronger partnerships for change, co-creating new stories and visions for the future.

  • Work with other movements
  • Widen our diversity
  • Support roadshows and other outreach events
  • Stand alongside and learn from other communities
  • Building XR UK Inner Strength

Improve internal systems

  • Unite around a shared story and vision for the future
  • Align our systems and culture with our vision for the world
  • Welcome all people
  • Focus on key internal systems

An Outline of the year ahead:

26th February – 12th April – 40 Days of Action

During Lent in collaboration with Christian Climate Action, XR Religions and Faith.

7th March – Mass Mobilisation Conference, Birmingham

Bringing together communities and groups for an outreach training event.

28th-29th March – Movement of Movements conference – London

Diverse groups and movements will gather to consider the theme: “United we stand, divided we fall”.

23rd April – 23rd May – Fossil Free Ramadan – the Month of Sabr

In collaboration with XR Muslims.

Late Spring #Regenerate2020

Local and global regeneration, enabling communities to face the emergency together.

Spring and Summer: Together in Rolling Rebellion –May 23rd onwards:

Take action in waves with different groups from Extinction Rebellion. Target the underlying causes of the Climate and Ecological crisis – toxic systems of government, media and finance – find creative ways to cause nonviolent disruption which outweighs the cost of government inaction, whilst taking care of the wellbeing of rebels and finding ways for diverse groups to meaningfully participate.