ZOOM guide for Rebels

We will be using Zoom – a video conferencing software – going forwards as a way of maintaining our local XR community, meeting to organise ourselves and for training purposes.

Very simply, a video conferencing platform is like talking to room full of people, but instead of them being there in front of you, you’ll be talking to them on your computer or phone screen. We’ve created this guide to help you learn how to use the technology

Scheduling a meeting using the XR Lewes Zoom account

If you are a member of a working group, action group, affinity group or you are wanting to set one up for a project, you can schedule a Zoom meeting by sending a request to xrlewes@gmail.com

  • Make sure the subject line in your email reads ‘Request to Schedule Zoom Meeting’
  • In the body of the email give the dates and times when you would prefer the meeting to be scheduled
  • Make it clear what the meeting is about and give a title for the Meeting (This will be the title that goes into our XR Lewes meetings schedule).
  • You will receive a link with a meeting ID and possibly a password
  • Send the link, meeting ID, and date and time of the meeting to the people you want to invite to the Zoom.
  • In a separate email to the same people send the password (if you were sent one)
  • That’s it!

Setting up Zoom on your computer or phone

It’s easy to set up Zoom. Just go to the Zoom website (type Zoom into your web browser) and follow the instructions to either ‘Download Zoom Client’ or set up an account. You won’t need an account if you are using the XR Lewes Zoom, though you may want one for your own personal use. These accounts are free but have a time limit of 40 minutes on meetings. If you just want to access XR Lewes Zoom meetings all you need to do is follow the instructions to ‘Download Zoom Client’. Here’s a simple, explanatory video:

Joining a Zoom meeting with a link

The person or group who is ‘hosting’ the meeting will have sent you an invitation with a link that looks similar to this: https://zoom.us/j/173621927

If you have downloaded Zoom Client you just have to click on that link and it should start Zoom and take you to the meeting.

Join Zoom link with a Meeting ID and/or password:

You may be asked for a Meeting ID before you can access the meeting. You may have been sent the Meeting ID with the link. If you weren’t, the Meeting ID is the number at the end of the invitation link. So, if you have been given


then the meeting ID is 173-621-927. If you have been sent a password, you will see a prompt box requiring you to enter the password.


Using Zoom During a Meeting

Once you have been let into the meeting, there are several controls, and they look different on a computer or on a phone/tablet, so we’ll discuss both below.

Controls for computer/laptop:

Note the buttons on the bottom of your screen. If you can’t see that menu, then move your mouse towards the bottom of the window and they should pop up. They keep disappearing and you just need to hover it over the bottom to bring them back up again.

💡TIP: If you do not have a very good connection and the sound is breaking up, turning off your video may help.

Controls for phone/tablet:

The phone/tablet screen looks and works a little differently than the computer screen described on the previous page. When you first join the meeting, you will have a choice in the bottom left of your screen to Call via Device Audio or Dial In. Choose the first option. In order to get the buttons shown on the bottom of the window, you will need to lightly tap your screen in one of the black areas. The buttons are described below:

💡TIP: If you do not have a very good connection and the sound is breaking up, turning off your video may help.

Guidance and tips for participation:

  • We usually ask all participants to keep their microphones on Mute unless they are speaking. Our microphones pick up a lot of background noise and when everyone has the microphones unmuted, it can get really noisy. The facilitator might remind you to mute it if you’ve forgotten.
  • In most Zoom meetings, we use the normal hand signals you are used to in Extinction Rebellion. This is particularly important in Zoom calls because it can be very difficult to know who is speaking. So be sure to raise your finger first if you want to make a point. Jazz hands are often used to get temperature checks of the group.

Using Meeting Controls

Larger zoom meetings might make use of Meeting Controls to ask yes or no questions or for participants to raise their hands digitally (rather than using a finger as in our normal meetings).

To access the Meeting Controls, you will first have to go to the Participants view. Below the list of participants’ names, you will see the controls shown below, which are fairly self-explanatory. Please note that not all meeting facilitators are aware of these controls and they may not be monitoring them, so don’t use them unless directed to by the facilitator.

We wish you happy Zooming!!

Privacy and Zoom

Please note Zoom is in no way affiliated with Extinction Rebellion and has relatively weak privacy and security protections in place. It has recently focused on improving its security protocols. In order to maximise privacy on XR Lewes Zooms we will be making use of the password option in the future. We will also be using the Waiting Room feature. This allows anyone who is hosting a meeting to check the ID of people before they are allowed into the Zoom meeting.

For some simple videos on how to access and how to host a meeting, please see here